I return to my Father – Liberated from the lodge

Auteur: Jill

Formaat: Paperback – US Trade (15,24x 22,86 cm)

Aantal blz.: 110


(Dit is de Engelse versie van “Ik keer terug naar mijn Vader”)

A true story. Jill (°1941), who was raised as a Catholic, had only one dream: to become a nurse. When she was 21, she departed to the Netherlands to follow a nurse training, to subsequently go to Africa or South America to do mission work. But it turned out different. She married a man from Suriname, and she came in touch with the dark and magic side of this country, and via a family member, she got in touch with the occult. A short time thereafter, she made her entrance in the Rosicrucianlodge, and she fell into a crisis of faith. Because of an encounter with the Marian shrine of Medjugorje (Yugoslavia), and several mystical experiences, she returned to the Catholic faith. But that didn’t go without a struggle.

Prijs: € 9,00

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