The Ancient Book of Jasher

Auteur:  n.v.t.

Formaat: paperback – A4 (20,98 x 29,69 cm)

Aantal blz.: 204


The Book of Jasher is twice mentioned in the Bible. In order to distinguish this work from the Pseudo-Jasher, it carries the title “The Ancient Book of Jasher”. The transcript has been carried out faithfully except for a number of minor amendments. It is a shame that in most publications of the Book of Jasher, the supportive documents that prove its origin are missing, as if evidence that testifies to its veracity is difficult to bear. But here they are. What is new, is a division in sections, which makes easy reading. You’ll find a good Analytical Index, and that’s always helpful. The prelimenary remarks, made by the present publisher, gives a better feel about the authenticity of this truly amazing book that, by the way, is still being printed in the original Hebrew, in a mode of writing that carries the patina of its age.

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